About Us

The Life and Pensions Network is the authorised company of Richard Subden Insurance Consultants Ltd and Harold Woolgar Insurance Services Ltd. These companies were established independently by Richard and Harold respectively, both of whom had previously worked for large organisations within the insurance industry.

Our two qualified independent financial advisers and our two associates offer individually tailored financial advice with the stated aim of ‘providing excellence in every aspect of our dealings with our clients’.

Our advice will always be independent and based on a client’s agreed needs and aspirations. We are often asked about the cost of advice and our policy is to set this out during an initial consultation before any cost is incurred by prospective clients.

The advice offered by our companies covers a varied range of financial products including domestic mortgages, commercial mortgages and equity release schemes, pension planning for individuals – both employed and self-employed – and also companies. We are pleased to also advise on family protection, inheritance tax planning and investments such as children’s savings plans, regular savings plans, investment bonds, unit trusts, open-ended investment companies (OEIC’s) and individual Ssvings account (ISA’s).