Making sure your surplus income or lump sums are working as hard as you are.

Childrens ISA’s or Junior ISA’s: These are tax free savings plans for children’s future expenses such as university or house purchase.

Regular Savings: A monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payment into an interest bearing savings account.

Investment Bonds: Investment bonds are sold by life insurance companies and allow you to invest in a variety of funds managed by professional investment managers. They are normally designed to produce long term capital growth, but can also be used to generate an income.

Unit trusts and OEICs: Investment funds are the generic name for unit trusts and OEICs. Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC) – a collective investment scheme with a separate legal entity, issuing shares rather than units. A Unit trust is a collective investment, where investors’ pool their money to buy units in a fund.

ISA: Individual Savings Account – accounts are designed to enable an individual to save without paying income or capital gains tax on their savings.

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